PubMed 21095721

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Title: Anomalous diffusion of kv2.1 channels observed by single molecule tracking in live cells.

Authors: Aubrey V Weigel, Michael M Tamkun, Diego Krapf

Journal, date & volume: Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2010 , 2010, 3005-8

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Kv2.1 are voltage gated potassium channels that form long-lived clusters on the surface of mammalian cells. We have used single molecule tracking to study the interesting dynamics of these channels in live HEK cells. Both the channels inside the clusters and non-clustering channels are found to follow anomalous subdiffusion. The effect of actin cytoskeleton on the diffusion properties of the channels is also investigated in the presence of cytochalasin D, a F-actin binding drug that blocks actin polymerization.