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Title: Novel SNPs of the bovine CACNA2D1 gene and their association with carcass and meat quality traits.

Authors: Zheng Rong Yuan, Shang Zhong Xu

Journal, date & volume: Mol. Biol. Rep., 2011 Jan , 38, 365-70

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Calcium channel, voltage-dependent, alpha-2/delta subunit 1 (CACNA2D1) gene encodes a member of the alpha-2/delta subunit family, proteins are accessory molecules associated with voltage-gated calcium channels, and increase the density at the plasma membrane of calcium channels activated by high voltage. The main objective of the present study was to identify polymorphisms of CACNA2D1 gene, and to analyze associations between these polymorphisms and carcass and meat quality traits in cattle. In this study, through PCR-SSCP and DNA sequencing methods, two new allelic variant corresponding to the C→G and G→T mutations at positions 526740 and 537917 in the exon25 and exon35 of bovine CACNA2D1 gene, respectively, could be detected. SNP C526740G is a nonsynonymous mutation, resulting in a Cysteine (Cys) to Tryptophan (Trp) amino acid replacement and SNP G537917T resulting in an Aspartic (Asp) to Tyrosine (Tyr) amino acid replacement. The gene-specific SNP markers association analysis was investigated. The C526740G was significantly associated with Meat color (MC) (P=0.0297) and Backfat thickness (BF) (P<0.001). The G537917A indicated significant association with Dressing percentage (DP) (P=0.0485). No significant association, however, was detected between any of the marker genotype and other traits measured in this study. Results from this study initially suggested that CACNA2D1 gene is one of the potential candidate genes influencing carcass and meat quality traits and gene-specific SNPs may be a useful marker for MAS programs in cattle breeding.