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Title: Fetal atrioventricular block and postpartum augmentative QT prolongation in a patient with long-QT syndrome with KCNQ1 mutation.

Authors: Hiroshi Furushima, Masaomi Chinushi, Akinori Sato, Yoshifusa Aizawa, Akira Kikuchi, Koichi Takakuwa, Kenichi Tanaka

Journal, date & volume: J. Cardiovasc. Electrophysiol., 2010 Oct , 21, 1170-3

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The case of a 32-year-old pregnant woman, who had had several syncopal episodes during swimming and running at 9 and 10 years of age and whose fetus had 2:1 AV block, is presented. The mother and baby had the same heterozygous single nucleotide substitution in KCNQ1 at T587M. After 27 weeks of gestation, the fetal 2:1 AV block disappeared, and 1:1 AV conduction resumed, with a fetal heart rate of 110-120 beats/min. The maternal electrocardiogram revealed a normal QTc interval (433 ms) without ST-T abnormalities at gestational week 23, but the QTc was 490 and 531 ms at 1 and 2 months postpartum, with biphasic T waves in leads V2 and V3. This case is the first report of fetal 2:1 AV block with KCNQ1 mutation (T587M) and unmasked maternal QT prolongation in the postpartum period.