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Title: Expression of the α7 nAChR subunit duplicate form (CHRFAM7A) is down-regulated in the monocytic cell line THP-1 on treatment with LPS.

Authors: Roberta Benfante, Ruth Adele Antonini, Maria De Pizzol, Cecilia Gotti, Francesco Clementi, Massimo Locati, Diego Fornasari

Journal, date & volume: J. Neuroimmunol., 2011 Jan , 230, 74-84

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We investigated the expression of the partially duplicated α7 nAChR subunit gene in three monocytic cell lines: THP-1, U937 and Mono-Mac-6. Qualitative PCR revealed the presence of the classic α7 gene in these lineages, but real-time PCR showed the exclusive expression of α7dup. Both mRNA and protein levels were reduced in THP-1 upon LPS challenge, and it was found that transcriptional down-regulation was mediated by a direct mechanism dependent on NF-κB as its specific inhibitor parthenolide prevented the reduction in the α7dup transcript. Such precise regulation suggests that α7dup may specifically participate in the inflammatory response of the innate immune system.