PubMed 15471584

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Automatically associated channels: Kv1.5 , Kv10.1

Title: Solid support membranes for ion channel arrays and sensors: application to rapid screening of pharmacological compounds.

Authors: Nobunaka Matsuno, Michael Murawsky, James Ridgeway, John Cuppoletti

Journal, date & volume: Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 2004 Oct 11 , 1665, 184-90

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The use of solid supported membranes (SSM) was investigated for reconstitution of ion channels and for potential application to screen pharmacological reagents affecting ion channel function. The voltage-gated Kv1.5 K+ channel was reconstituted on an SSM and a current was measured. This current was dependent on the presence of K+, but not Na+, indicating that the Kv1.5 K+ channel maintained cation specificity when reconstituted on SSM. Two pharmacological reagents applied to Kv1.5 K+ channels reconstituted on SSM had similar inhibitory effects as those measured using Kv1.5 in biological membranes. SSM-mounted ion channels were stable enough to be washed with buffer solution and reused many times, allowing solution exchange essential for pharmacological drug screening.