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Title: [The effect of aldosterone A on renal potassium excretion].

Authors: Signe Abitz Winther, Martin Egfjord

Journal, date & volume: Ugeskr. Laeg., 2011 Jan 10 , 173, 126-9

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Recent studies have shown expression of the following regulatory WNK kinases in the kidney: the full-length WNK1 (L-WNK1), the shorter kidney specific WNK1 transcript (KS-WNK1), formed by alternative splicing, and WNK4. Aldosterone activates expression of KS-WNK1 and inhibits WNK4 via SGK1 - both leading to stimulation of ENaC and activation of ROMK, and increased potassium excretion. Thus, further characterization of the WNK system may lead to elucidation of the dual anti-natriuretic and kaliuretic effects of aldosterone, in situations where only activation of one of these effects is needed.