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Title: P2X(7) receptor activation enhances SK3 channels- and cystein cathepsin-dependent cancer cells invasiveness.

Authors: B Jelassi, A Chantome, F Alcaraz-Pérez, A Baroja-Mazo, M L Cayuela, P Pelegrin, A Surprenant, S Roger

Journal, date & volume: , 2011 Jan 17 , ,

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ATP-gated P2X(7) receptors (P2X(7)R) are unusual plasma membrane ion channels that have been extensively studied in immune cells. More recently, P2X(7)R have been described as potential cancer cell biomarkers. However, mechanistic links between P2X(7)R and cancer cell processes are unknown. Here, we show, in the highly aggressive human breast cancer cell line MDA-MB-435s, that P2X(7) receptor is highly expressed and fully functional. Its activation is responsible for the extension of neurite-like cellular prolongations, of the increase in cell migration by 35% and in cell invasion through extracellular matrix by 150%. The change in cancer cell morphology and the increased migration appeared to be due to the activation of Ca(2+)-activated SK3 potassium channels. The enhanced invasion through the extracellular matrix was related to the increase of mature forms of cysteine cathepsins in the extracellular medium, which was independent of SK3 channel activity and not associated with cell death. Pharmacological targeting of P2X(7)R in vivo was crucial for cell invasiveness in a zebrafish model of metastases. Our results demonstrate a novel mechanistic link between P2X(7)R functionality in cancer cells and invasiveness, a key parameter in tumour growth and in the development of metastases. They also suggest a potential therapeutic role for the newly developed P2X(7)R antagonists.