PubMed 18604993

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Automatically associated channels: Kv1.4 , Slo1

Title: Effect of amiodarone on Kv1.4 channel C-type inactivation: comparison of its effects with those induced by propafenone and verapamil.

Authors: L Xu, C Huang, J Chen, X Jiang, X Li, G C L Bett, R L Rasmusson, S Wang

Journal, date & volume: Pharmazie, 2008 Jun , 63, 475-9

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As the major component of I(to) (slow), Kv1.4 channel plays an important role in repolarization of cardiac myocytes. C-type inactivation is one of Kv1.4 inactivation and can be affected by open channel blockers. We used the two-electrode voltage clamp technique to observe the effect of amiodarone on Kv1.4 C-type inactivation and compare amiodarone's effects on Kv1.4 with propafenone and verapamil. Our data show that those three antiarrhythmic drugs blocked fKv1.4 delta N (N-terminal deleted Kv1.4 channel from ferret heart) in voltage- and frequent-dependent manners. The amiodarone's IC50 was 489.23 +/- 4.72 microM, higher than that of propafenone (98.97 +/- 1.13 microM) and verapamil (263.26 +/- 6.89 microM) for fKv1.4 delta N channel (+50 mV). After application of amiodarone, propafenone and verapamil, fKv1.4 delta N inactivation becomes bi-exponential: the faster portion of inactivation (drug-induced inactivation) and the slower portion of inactivation (C-type inactivation). Amiodarone and verapamil fastened C-type inactivation in fKv1.4 delta N, but propafenone did not. Unlike propafenone that had no effect on fKv1.4 delta N recovery, amiodarone and verapamil slowed recovery in fKv1.4 delta N.