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Title: [Inhibitive effect on airway mucus overproduction with DNA vaccine based on xenogeneic homologous calcium-activated chloride channel in asthmatic mice]

Authors: Li-qiang Song, Yan Li, Hao-wen Qi, Xin-ping Liu, Ji-cun Wang

Journal, date & volume: Zhonghua Yi Xue Za Zhi, 2004 Feb 17 , 84, 329-33

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To observe the inhibitive effect on airway mucus overproduction with DNA vaccine based on human calcium-activated chloride channel 1 (hCLCA1) in asthmatic mice, who own mCLCA3 being xenogeneic homology of hCLCA1 in airway goblet cell.The DNA vaccine was made with hCLCA1 gene inserted into pSecTag2B, and then BALB/c mice were vaccinated by i.m. once every two weeks. When serum antibody showed binding activity to mCLCA3 with ELISA analysis, asthma will be induced with ovalbumin in the vaccinated mice. To detect mucus production, lung sections were PAS stained and their MUC5AC mRNA levels were investigated by reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Mice in control groups were injected with pSecTag2B/mCLCA3, pSecTag2B and saline, respectively.Antiserum of vaccine group after three times vaccination showed good binding activity to three mCLCA3 extracellular domains (ED), and the activity to N-terminal C-terminal ED was stronger than middle-ED. After induced to asthma, the number of goblet cell and MUC5AC mRNA level in vaccine group were lower than these in control group.hCLCA1 DNA vaccine can induce mouse to produce serum antibody binding itself mCLCA3, and thus airway mucus overproduction of asthmatic mouse is effectively inhibited.