PubMed 16626546

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Title: [Human inward rectifying potassium current and Kir2.1 mRNA expression in myocytes isolated from patients with chronic atrial fibrillation]

Authors: Yu Zhang, Xiao-Rong Zeng, Yan Yang, Biao Zhang, Zhi-Fei Liu, Miao-Ling Li, Wen Zhou, Jie Pei

Journal, date & volume: , 2006 Jan , 34, 33-7

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To compare the changes of both inward rectifying K(+) (Kir) current(I(k1)) density and mRNA expression level of Kir2.1, a major subfamily of Kir in chronic human atrial fibrillation (CAF) with those in normal sinus rhythm (NSR).I(k1) density was measured with whole-cell patch clamp technique in single myocyte isolated by an enzymatic dissociation method from right atrial appendages in patients with CAF (n = 8) and those with NSR (n = 12). The mRNA expression levels of Kir2.1 was determined in right atrial appendages from CAF (n = 19) and NSR (n = 18) by semiquantitative reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR).The average resting membrane potentials were similar between CAF and NSR (-78.95 mV +/- 4.67 mV and -70.22 mV +/- 11.08 mV, P>0.05). I(k1) density in single myocyte significantly increased at hyperpolarized potential level (-100 mV) in CAF compared to that in NSR (-9.59 pA/pF +/- 2.47 pA/pF vs. -5.58 pA/pF +/- 2.52 pA/pF, P<0.01). The mRNA level of Kir2.1 was also significantly higher in CAF than that of NSR (0.50+/-0.16 vs. 0.34+/-0.09, P<0.05).The data suggest that Kir2.1 up-regulation and I(k1) current increase might contribute to the electrical remodeling in CAF patients.