PubMed 16234094

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Automatically associated channels: Cav1.2 , Cav1.3

Title: [Differential expression of L-type calcium channel alpha1 subunits on adult rat hippocampal neurons]

Authors: Jian-Ming Yang, De-Hui Hu, Xin-Hong Zhu, Tian-Ming Gao

Journal, date & volume: Di Yi Jun Yi Da Xue Xue Bao, 2005 Oct , 25, 1225-7

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To study the localization of L-type calcium channel alpha1 subunits CaV1.2alpha1C and CaV1.3alpha1D in CA1 and CA3 regions of adult rat hippocampus.Immunohistochemical staining was employed for specific labeling of alpha1 subunits CaV1.2alpha1C and CaV1.3alpha1D.CaV1.2alpha1C subunit was mainly located in the apical and basal dendrites in the CA1 area and the CA3 area, neuronal soma, basal dendrites and distal apical dendrites were all positively stained. In contrast to CaV1.2alpha1C, CaV1.3alpha1D displayed no obvious difference in immunostaining between CA1 and CA3, and was distributed mainly in the neuronal soma and proximal dendrites. At cellular level, CaV1.2alpha1C distribution showed a distinct clustered pattern while a uniform distribution was observed for CaV1.3alpha1D subunit.Different alpha1 subunits of L-type calcium channel have differential expression in adult hippocampal neurons.