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Title: K channel expression in prostate epithelium and its implications in men with chronic prostatitis.

Authors: Chao-zhao Liang, Qing-Kui Guo, Zong-yao Hao, Sen Yang, De-Bin Wang, Li-Xin Wu, Cheng Liu, Ke-Xiao Wang, Xue-Jun Zhang

Journal, date & volume: BJU Int., 2006 Jan , 97, 190-2

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To investigate the effect of the Kv1.3 K(+) channel on the pathogenesis of chronic prostatitis.The expression of the Kv1.3 K(+) channel in prostatic epithelia was detected using streptavidin/peroxidase immunohistochemistry in tissue samples from 75 men with benign prostatic hyperplasia, including 42 with and 33 without chronic inflammation. All of the men were sampled in our hospital between January 2000 and December 2003.There was strong and moderate immunostaining in 14 of the prostatic epithelial specimens with inflammation and in 21 from patients without inflammation, compared to 28 and 12 with low staining, respectively (chi-squared, P < 0.05).The expression of the Kv1.3 K(+)channel was lower in prostatic epithelial cells from patients with chronic inflammation than from those without. Opening the Kv1.3 K(+) channel could promote the efflux of K(+) from the cells, causing an increase in [K(+)] in the prostate cavity. The increase in [K(+)] can then infiltrate the stroma through the epithelial gap, exciting the nerve fibres and causing pain and other clinical symptoms.