PubMed 19038312

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Title: Hyperpolarization-activated, cyclic nucleotide-gated, cation non-selective channel subunit expression pattern of guinea-pig spiral ganglion cells.

Authors: G Bakondi, A Pór, I Kovács, G Szucs, Z Rusznák

Journal, date & volume: Neuroscience, 2009 Feb 18 , 158, 1469-77

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Although the hyperpolarization-activated non-specific cationic current (I(h)) plays important roles in determining the membrane characteristics of the spiral ganglion cells (SGCs), neither the exact types of the hyperpolarization-activated, cyclic nucleotide-gated, cation non-selective channel (HCN) subunits contributing to the molecular assembly of the relevant channels, nor their distribution pattern presented by the SGCs is known. In the present work immunolabeling and Western blot analysis were performed to describe the presence and distribution of all four known HCN subunits in the guinea-pig spiral ganglion. Besides determining the expression of the HCN1-HCN4 subunits by both type I and type II SGCs, the presence of possible apico-basal gradients in the expression patterns was also sought. The results indicate that both type I and type II SGCs express all four HCN subunits. The intensity of the immunolabeling of the cell surface membrane was generally strong, but it showed pronounced cell-to-cell variability. The Western blot experiments in combination with densitometry revealed that the amount of the HCN1 and HCN3 proteins was more significant in the apical than in the basal third of the guinea-pig cochlea. These findings not only imply potential heteromeric HCN channel formation of the spiral ganglion neurons, but they also offer a possible explanation of the previously reported heterogeneity of I(h) recorded in functional studies.