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Title: KCNQ4: a gene for age-related hearing impairment?

Authors: E Van Eyken, L Van Laer, E Fransen, V Topsakal, N Lemkens, W Laureys, N Nelissen, A Vandevelde, T Wienker, P Van De Heyning, G Van Camp

Journal, date & volume: Hum. Mutat., 2006 Oct , 27, 1007-16

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Age-related hearing impairment (ARHI) is the most common sensory impairment among the elderly. It is a complex disorder influenced by genetic as well as environmental factors. SNPs in a candidate susceptibility gene, KCNQ4, were examined in two independent Caucasian populations. Two quantitative trait locus (QTL) values were investigated: Zhigh and Zlow, a measure of high and respectively low frequency hearing loss. In the first population, the statistical analysis of 23 genotyped SNPs spread across KCNQ4 resulted in significant p-values for two SNPs for Zhigh-SNP9 (NT_004511:g.11244177A > T) and SNP15 (NT_004511:g.11257005C > T; NP_004691:p.Ala259Ala), and one SNP for Zlow-SNP12 (NT_004511:g.11249550A > T). The linkage disequilibrium (LD) structure of KCNQ4 was subsequently determined in a 34-kb region surrounding the significant SNPs, resulting in three LD-blocks. LD-block 1 contains SNP9 and covers an area of 5 kb, LD-block 2 measures 5 kb and surrounds SNP13 (NT_004511:g.11253513A > G) to SNP18 (NT_004511:g.11257509G > A; NP_004691:p.Thr293Thr), and LD-block 3 spans 7 kb. Five tag-SNPs of block 1 and 2, and 2 extra SNPs were subsequently genotyped in the second population. Again, several SNPs were positively associated with ARHI: one SNP (SNP18) for the high frequencies and three SNPs (SNP9, SNP12, and SNP18) for the low frequencies, although only a single SNP (SNP12) resulted in significant p-values in both populations. Nevertheless, the associated SNPs of both populations were all located in the same 13-kb region in the middle of the KCNQ4 gene.