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Title: Novel mutation in KCNA1 causes episodic ataxia with paroxysmal dyspnea.

Authors: Steven J Shook, Hafsa Mamsa, Joanna C Jen, Robert W Baloh, Lan Zhou

Journal, date & volume: Muscle Nerve, 2008 Mar , 37, 399-402

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Episodic ataxia type 1 (EA1) is an autosomal-dominant neurological disease caused by point mutations in the potassium channel-encoding gene KCNA1. It is characterized by attacks of ataxia and continuous myokymia. Respiratory muscle involvement has not been previously reported in EA1. We clinically evaluated a family with features of EA1 and paroxysmal shortness of breath. Coding and flanking intronic regions of KCNA1 were sequenced. We identified a novel 3-nucleotide deletion mutation in KCNA1 in the affected individuals. Our findings of a deletion mutation with unusual respiratory muscle involvement expand the genetic and clinical spectrum of EA1.