PubMed 21155256

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Automatically associated channels: BK , Kv10.1

Title: [Redox modulation of large conductance calcium-activated potassium channels in rat cultured trigeminal ganglion neurons].

Authors: Zhong-Ling Zhu, Fang Wang, Zhou-Huan Wu, Li-Hong Long, You Jin, Jian-Guo Chen

Journal, date & volume: Zhongguo Ying Yong Sheng Li Xue Za Zhi, 2006 Nov , 22, 390-3

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To observe redox modulation of ion channel in trigeminal ganglion neurons by oxidants and reducing agents.The effects of oxidants and reducing agents on maxi-conductance calcium-activated potassium channel in cultured rat trigeminal ganglion neurons by using whole-cell patch-clamp technique.Methionine-specific oxidant chloramine-T (Ch-T) 1 mmol/L slightly increased the current amplitude and this enhancement did not antagonized by DTT. In contrast, cysteine-specific reagent 5, 5'-dithio-bis(2-nitrobenzoic acid) (DTNB) 500 micromol/L significantly decreased current amplitude of BK(Ca) channels. The effect was reversed by the reducing agent 2 mmol/L 1, 4-dithio-DL-threitol (DTT).Reactive oxygen species were definitely involved in regulation of native neuronal function via redox modulation of BK(Ca) channels, which are suggested to play compensatory roles under oxidative stress-related conditions.