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Title: A radioisotope label-free alpha-bungarotoxin-binding assay using BIAcore sensor chip technology for real-time analysis.

Authors: Joao A Paulo, Edward Hawrot

Journal, date & volume: Anal. Biochem., 2009 Jun 1 , 389, 86-8

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alpha-Bungarotoxin (alpha-bgtx)-binding proteins, including certain nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and acetylcholine-binding proteins (AChBPs), are frequently characterized with radioisotope-labeled alpha-bgtx-binding assays. Such assays, however, preclude investigations of binding interactions in real time and are hampered by the inconveniences associated with radioisotope-labeled reagents. We used surface plasmon resonance-based technology (BIAcore) to investigate the binding of recombinant AChBP to CM-5 sensor chip surfaces with directly immobilized alpha-bgtx. We validated our BIAcore results by comparing the same biological samples using the traditional (125)I-labeled alpha-bgtx-binding assay. An alpha-bgtx sensor chip, as described here, enables detailed, real-time, radioisotope-free interaction studies that can greatly facilitate the characterization of novel alpha-bgtx-binding proteins and complexes.