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Title: GluR2/3 label expression of the AMPA-type glutamate receptor in the hippocampal formation of the homing pigeon stabilizes just after birth.

Authors: Ana Lucia Beirão Cabral, Renato Figueiredo Santana, Vinicius Otavio da Silva, Cláudio Antonio Barbosa de Toledo

Journal, date & volume: Neurosci. Lett., 2010 Oct 8 , 483, 73-7

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The compositions of the glutamate AMPA-type receptors influence the neural response and the subunits GluR2/3 has been referred to as essential for receptor trafficking and synapse consolidation. We investigate the GluR2/3 occurrence and expression in the hippocampal formation of newly born homing pigeons by a semi-quantitative approach, the Western-blotting technique and by immunohistochemistry. Immunoreactivity for GluR2/3 occurs before hatching has been evident in neuropil that was fully dispersed over the hippocampus proper (HP) and the area parahippocampalis (APH). Although many HP cells are NeuN-positives, a specific neuronal protein indicating that they are already differentiated as neurons while not one contains GluR2/3 at the hatching day (P0). Few neurons at the APH seem to express GluR2/3 at P0, but 3 days later (P3) the GluR2/3 labeling can be recognized in many HP neurons, showing a distribution pattern that resembles the adult, gradually increasing in intensity until P10. Also, the Western-blot shows an augment between P0 and P3, remaining stable after that. The enhancement of the neuronal label at P3 coincides with the retraction of the GluR2/3 label in neuropil, reducing their occurrence during the maturational period to become restricted to the dorsomedial portion as reported for adults. As the HP GluR2/3-containing cells are supposedly projecting neurons, taking together, the results signalize the relevance of the GluR2/3 in post-hatch formation of avian hippocampal circuitry in which the third day seems to be the critical period.