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Title: Lymphatic endothelial murine chloride channel calcium-activated 1 is a ligand for leukocyte LFA-1 and Mac-1.

Authors: Momoko Furuya, Sara B Kirschbaum, Amanda Paulovich, Bendicht U Pauli, Heidi Zhang, Jonathan S Alexander, Andrew G Farr, Alanna Ruddell

Journal, date & volume: J. Immunol., 2010 Nov 15 , 185, 5769-77

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The lymphatic circulation mediates drainage of fluid and cells from the periphery through lymph nodes, facilitating immune detection of lymph-borne foreign Ags. The 10.1.1 mAb recognizes a lymphatic endothelial Ag, in this study purified by Ab-affinity chromatography. SDS-PAGE and mass spectrometry identified murine chloride channel calcium-activated 1 (mCLCA1) as the 10.1.1 Ag, a 90-kDa cell-surface protein expressed in lymphatic endothelium and stromal cells of spleen and thymus. The 10.1.1 Ab-affinity chromatography also purified LFA-1, an integrin that mediates leukocyte adhesion to endothelium. This mCLCA1-LFA-1 interaction has functional consequences, as lymphocyte adhesion to lymphatic endothelium was blocked by 10.1.1 Ab bound to endotheliumor by LFA-1 Ab bound to lymphocytes. Lymphocyte adhesion was increased by cytokine treatment of lymphatic endothelium in association with increased expression of ICAM-1, an endothelial surface protein that is also a ligand for LFA-1. By contrast, mCLCA1 expression and the relative contribution of mCLCA1 to lymphocyte adhesion were unaffected by cytokine activation, demonstrating that mCLCA1 and ICAM-1 interactions with LFA-1 are differentially regulated. mCLCA1 also bound to the LFA-1-related Mac-1 integrin that is preferentially expressed on leukocytes. mCLCA1-mediated adhesion of Mac-1- or LFA-1-expressing leukocytes to lymphatic vessels and lymph node lymphatic sinuses provides a target for investigation of lymphatic involvement in leukocyte adhesion and trafficking during the immune response.