PubMed 21096358

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Title: A generic ionic model of cardiac action potentials.

Authors: Tianruo Guo, Amr Al Abed, Nigel H Lovell, Socrates Dokos

Journal, date & volume: Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2010 , 1, 1465-8

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A generic cardiac ionic model employing membrane currents based on two-gate Hodgkin-Huxley kinetics is presented. Its generic nature allows it to accurately reproduce action potential waveforms in heterogeneous cardiac tissue by optimizing parameters governing ion channel kinetics and magnitudes. The model allows a user-defined number of voltage and time-dependent ion currents to be incorporated, in order to reproduce and predict electrophysiological action potential waveforms from multiple recordings in individual cardiac myocytes.