PubMed 20626154

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Title: [Quantitative expression of voltage-dependent calcium channels in prostate smooth muscle cells of rats with estradiol-induced chronic nonbacterial prostatitis]

Authors: Liang Zhang, Chao-zhao Liang, Xian-sheng Zhang, Zong-yao Hao, Jun Zhou, Song Fan, Yu Li

Journal, date & volume: Zhonghua Nan Ke Xue, 2010 Apr , 16, 295-9

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To construct a rat model of chronic nonbacterial prostatitis (CP) and investigate the difference in the quantitative expression of voltage-dependent calcium channels of prostate smooth muscle cells (PSMCs) between the models and controls.We established a CP rat model by estrogen induction, cultured and purified the PSMCs in vitro, and extracted total RNA by Trizol. Then we measured the mRNA expression of the cal subunit in the calcium channel subtypes by reverse transcription and SYBR Green I real time RT-PCR, and compared it with that of the controls.The expressions of the L-, T- and P/Q-type calcium channels were found in both the CP and control groups, and that of the CaV1.2 L-type calcium channel was significantly increased in the former as compared with the latter (0.048 +/- 0.024 versus 0.031 +/- 0.015, t = 2.846, P = 0.007), but there were no statistically significant differences in the T- and P/Q-type calcium channels between the two groups.The number of CaV1.2 L-type calcium channels of PSMCs and calcium influx were increased in CP patients, which may be involved in the mechanism of CP.