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Title: Regulation of podocyte BK(Ca) channels by synaptopodin, Rho, and actin microfilaments.

Authors: Eun Young Kim, Jae Mi Suh, Yu-Hsin Chiu, Stuart E Dryer

Journal, date & volume: Am. J. Physiol. Renal Physiol., 2010 Sep , 299, F594-604

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Mechanosensitive large-conductance Ca(2+)-activated K(+) channels encoded by the Slo1 gene (BK(Ca) channels) are expressed in podocytes. Here we show that BK(Ca) channels reciprocally coimmunoprecipitate with synaptopodin (Synpo) in mouse glomeruli, in mouse podocytes, and in a heterologous expression system (HEK293T cells) in which these proteins are transiently expressed. Synpo and Slo1 colocalize along the surface of the glomerular basement membrane in mouse glomeruli. Synpo interacts with BK(Ca) channels at COOH-terminal domains that overlap with an actin-binding domain on the channel molecule that is necessary for trafficking of BK(Ca) channels to the cell surface. Moreover, addition of exogenous beta-actin to mouse podocyte lysates reduces BK(Ca)-Synpo interactions. Coexpression of Synpo increases steady-state surface expression of BK(Ca) channels in HEK293T cells. However, Synpo does not affect the stability of cell surface BK(Ca) channels, suggesting a primary effect on the rate of forward trafficking, and Synpo coexpression does not affect BK(Ca) gating. Conversely, stable knockdown of Synpo expression in mouse podocyte cell lines reduces steady-state surface expression of BK(Ca) channels but does not affect total expression of BK(Ca) channels or their gating. The effects of Synpo on surface expression of BK(Ca) are blocked by inhibition of Rho signaling in HEK293T cells and in podocytes. Functional cell surface BK(Ca) channels in podocytes are also reduced by sustained (2 h) but not acute (15 min) depolymerization of actin with cytochalasin D. Synpo may regulate BK(Ca) channels through its effects on actin dynamics and by modulating interactions between BK(Ca) channels and regulatory proteins of the podocyte slit diaphragm.