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Title: Calcitriol down-regulates human ether a go-go 1 potassium channel expression in cervical cancer cells.

Authors: Euclides Avila, Rocío García-Becerra, Jesús Adrián Rodríguez-Rasgado, Lorenza Díaz, David Ordaz-Rosado, Ulrich Zügel, Andreas Steinmeyer, David Barrera, Ali Halhali, Fernando Larrea, Javier Camacho

Journal, date & volume: Anticancer Res., 2010 Jul , 30, 2667-72

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Human ether à-go-go-1 (EAG1) potassium channels are promising anticancer targets. Calcitriol has antitumoural properties. This study investigated EAG1 regulation by calcitriol in normal and cancer cells.Cancer cell lines from cervix, prostate, mammary gland, and normal placenta trophoblasts were cultured. Calcitriol was determined by HPLC. Gene and protein expression were assessed by real-time RT-PCR and western blot analysis, respectively. Calcitriol-synthesising enzyme CYP27B1 or vitamin D receptor (VDR), were transfected in cervical cancer SiHa cells. Cell proliferation was assayed with XTT.Calcitriol decreased EAG1 mRNA in all cell types, and EAG1 protein and proliferation in SiHa cells. VDR antagonist ZK-159222 prevented the calcitriol effect on EAG1 mRNA. CYP27B1-transfected cells produced more calcitriol and less EAG1 mRNA. EAG1 mRNA was more potently inhibited by calcitriol in VDR-transfected cells.EAG1 is a calcitriol target in normal and cancer cells and calcitriol is a potential therapy for cervical cancer.