PubMed 20500153

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Automatically associated channels: Kv1.5

Title: Kv1.5-Kv beta interactions: molecular determinants and pharmacological consequences.

Authors: Teresa Gonzalez, Miren David, Cristina Moreno, Alvaro Macías, Carmen Valenzuela

Journal, date & volume: Mini Rev Med Chem, 2010 Jun , 10, 635-42

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Kv1.5 channels are homotetramers of alpha-pore subunits mainly present in human atrium and pulmonary vasculature. Thus, Kv1.5 is a pharmacological target for cardiovascular diseases. Kv beta 1.3 assemblies with Kv alpha 1.5 and modifies its gating and pharmacology. A further knowledge of alpha-beta interactions and pharmacology will lead a better design of new drugs.