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Title: Effect of genetic variants in KCNJ11, ABCC8, PPARG and HNF4A loci on the susceptibility of type 2 diabetes in Chinese Han population.

Authors: Fang Wang, Xue-yao Han, Qian Ren, Xiu-ying Zhang, Ling-chuan Han, Ying-ying Luo, Xiang-hai Zhou, Li-nong Ji

Journal, date & volume: Chin. Med. J., 2009 Oct 20 , 122, 2477-82

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KCNJ11, ABCC8, PPARG, and HNF4A have been found to be associated with type 2 diabetes in populations with different genetic backgrounds. The aim of this study was to test, in a Chinese Han population from Beijing, whether the genetic variants in these four genes were associated with genetic predisposition to type 2 diabetes.We studied the association of four representative SNPs in KCNJ11, ABCC8, PPARG, and HNF4A by genotyping them using ABI SNaPshot Multiplex System in 400 unrelated type 2 diabetic patients and 400 unrelated normoglycaemic subjects.rs5219 (E23K) in KCNJ11 was associated with genetic susceptibility to type 2 diabetes (OR = 1.400 with 95% CI 1.117 1.755, P = 0.004 under an additive model, OR = 1.652 with 95% CI 1.086 2.513, P = 0.019 under a recessive model, and OR = 1.521 with 95% CI 1.089 2.123, P = 0.014 under a dominant model) after adjusting for sex and body mass index (BMI). We did not find evidence of association for ABCC8 rs1799854, PPARG rs1801282 (Pro12Ala) and HNF4A rs2144908. Genotype-phenotype correlation analysis revealed that rs1799854 in ABCC8 was associated with 2-hour postprandial insulin secretion (P = 0.005) after adjusting for sex, age and BMI. Although no interactions between the four variants on the risk of type 2 diabetes were detected, the multiplicative interaction between PPARG Pro12Ala and HNF4A rs2144908 was found to be associated with 2-hour postprandial insulin (P = 0.004 under an additive model for rs2144908; and P = 0.001 under a dominant model for rs2144908) after adjusting for age, sex and BMI, assuming a dominant model for PPARG Pro12Ala.Our study replicated the association of rs5219 in KCNJ11 with type 2 diabetes in Chinese Han population in Beijing. And we also observed that ABCC8 as well as the interaction between PPARG and HNF4A may contribute to post-challenge insulin secretion.