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Title: Potassium channels in the mitochondria of unicellular eukaryotes and plants.

Authors: Wieslawa Jarmuszkiewicz, Karolina Matkovic, Izabela Koszela-Piotrowska

Journal, date & volume: FEBS Lett., 2010 May 17 , 584, 2057-62

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The functional characterisation of potassium channels found in the mitochondria of plants and unicellular eukaryotes is critically discussed herein, with a focus on the ATP-sensitive potassium channel and the large-conductance Ca(2+)-activated potassium channel (mitoBK(Ca) channel). The physiological functions of these channels are not completely understood. We discuss the functional connections and roles of potassium channels, uncoupling protein and alternative oxidase, three energy-dissipating systems that exist in the mitochondrial respiratory chain of plants and some unicellular eukaryotes, which include preventing the production of reactive oxygen species.