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Title: Murine mCLCA5 is expressed in granular layer keratinocytes of stratified epithelia.

Authors: Josephine Braun, Melanie K Bothe, Lars Mundhenk, Carol L Beck, Achim D Gruber

Journal, date & volume: Histochem. Cell Biol., 2010 Mar , 133, 285-99

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CLCA proteins represent a large family of proteins widely expressed in mammalian tissues with a unique expression pattern for each family member analyzed so far. However, their functions in normal and diseased tissues are poorly understood. Here, we present the cellular expression pattern of mCLCA5 in murine tissues using immunohistochemistry, confocal laser scanning microscopy and immune electron microscopy with specific antibodies and RT-qPCR following laser-capture microdissection. The mCLCA5 protein was localized to granular layer keratinocytes of virtually all stratified squamous epithelia of the body. Biochemical protein characterizations revealed that the amino-terminal cleavage product is fully secreted by the cell, while the carboxy-terminal cleavage product remains associated with the cell. The results imply that mCLCA5 may play a role in maturation and keratinization of squamous epithelial cells.