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Title: Infection with AV-SUR2A protects H9C2 cells against metabolic stress: a mechanism of SUR2A-mediated cytoprotection independent from the K(ATP) channel activity.

Authors: Qingyou Du, Sofija Jovanović, Andriy Sukhodub, Aleksandar Jovanović

Journal, date & volume: Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 2010 Mar , 1803, 405-15

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Transgenic mice overexpressing SUR2A, a subunit of ATP-sensitive K(+) (K(ATP)) channels, acquire resistance to myocardial ischaemia. However, the mechanism of SUR2A-mediated cytoprotection is yet to be fully understood. Adenoviral SUR2A construct (AV-SUR2A) increased SUR2A expression, number of K(ATP) channels and subsarcolemmal ATP in glycolysis-sensitive manner in H9C2 cells. It also increased K(+) current in response to chemical hypoxia, partially preserved subsarcolemmal ATP and increased cell survival. Kir6.2AFA, a mutant form of Kir6.2 with largely decreased K(+) conductance, abolished the effect of SUR2A on K(+) current, did not affect SUR2A-induced increase in subsarcolemmal ATP and partially inhibited SUR2A-mediated cytoprotection. Infection with 193gly-M-LDH, an inactive mutant of muscle lactate dehydrogenase, abolished the effect of SUR2A on K(+) current, subsarcolemmal ATP and cell survival; the effect of 193gly-M-LDH on cell survival was significantly more pronounced than those of Kir6.2AFA. We conclude that AV-SUR2A increases resistance to metabolic stress in H9C2 cells by increasing the number of sarcolemmal K(ATP) channels and subsarcolemmal ATP.