PubMed 17097617

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Title: Functional characterization of CLCN1 mutations in Taiwanese patients with myotonia congenita via heterologous expression.

Authors: Min-Jon Lin, Tsai-Hong You, Huichin Pan, Kuang-Ming Hsiao

Journal, date & volume: Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 2006 Dec 29 , 351, 1043-7

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Mutations in the CLCN1 gene frequently associate with myotonia congenita (MC). We have recently reported several CLCN1 mutants in Taiwanese patients. To further elucidate the correlation between the genotypes and phenotypes, in this study, we used Xenopus oocyte as a system to investigate the functional effects of these mutants. The fs793X and G482R mutants, which were suggested to have a dual inheritance pattern, were found to cause a functional loss of CLCN1 channels. While co-expression of fs793X and wild-type (WT) showed a reduction of chloride conductance by about half of WT channels, the activation curve of voltage-dependence was not shifted. A compound heterozygous mutant, P575S/D644G, was found in a patient. When both mutants were co-expressed in oocytes, they caused a shift of the voltage-dependence of activation curve to more positive values than individual mutant. This indicates that both P575S and D644G mutants may contribute cooperatively to change the gating property of CLCN1 channel. Interestingly, the S471F mutant did not cause significant alternation of functional properties. Consistent with the fact that T631I mutant was found in three asymptomatic individuals, the electrophysiological parameters of T631I were similar to those of WT CLCN1 channels, suggesting that T631I is a neutral mutation. These results further clarify the correlation between the mutations and their functional implications of CLCN1 channels.