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Title: [Expression of ghrelin and calcium channels in pancreas of neonatal rats with different birth weight]

Authors: Yan-Ping Xu, Li Liang, Xiu-Min Wang

Journal, date & volume: Zhejiang Da Xue Xue Bao Yi Xue Ban, 2008 May , 37, 233-9

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To investigate the effect of the intrauterine environment on pancreas ghrelin and L-type calcium channels of islet like cell clusters (ICCs) in neonatal rats.Different birth weight neonatal rat models were established. The samples of entire pancreas or ICCs were collected at the first day after birth. Ghrelin, Cav1.2, Cav1.3 mRNAs and proteins were determined using real-time RT-PCR and immunohistochemistry respectively.The real-time RT-PCR revealed that ghrelin mRNA in SGA group were significantly higher than that of the AGA group (P <0.05). Cav1.2 mRNA of SGA group and LGA group was significantly lower than that of the AGA group; Cav1.3 mRNA of SGA group was significantly lower than that of the AGA group (P <0.05). The results of integral OD value of immunohistochemistry were consistent with those of real-time RT-PCR.Intrauterine nutritional status may affect pancreatic endocrine cells differentiation and maturity, resulting in the difference of expression ghrelin and calcium channels in ICCs.