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Title: Gene trapping identifies chloride channel 4 as a novel inducer of colon cancer cell migration, invasion and metastases.

Authors: T Ishiguro, H Avila, S-Y Lin, T Nakamura, M Yamamoto, D D Boyd

Journal, date & volume: Br. J. Cancer, 2010 Feb 16 , 102, 774-82

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To date, there are few reports on gene products contributing to colon cancer progression.We used a gene trap comprised of an enhanced retroviral mutagen (ERM) cassette that includes a tetracycline-responsive promoter upstream of a haemagglutinin (HA) tag and a splice donor site. Integration of the ERM within an endogenous gene yields a tetracycline-regulated HA-tagged transcript. We transduced RKO colon cancer cells expressing a tetracycline trans-activator-off with the ERM-encoding retrovirus and screened for enhanced migration.One clone showed fivefold enhanced migration with tetracycline withdrawal. Rapid amplification of cDNA ends identified the trapped gene as the chloride channel 4 (CLCN4) exchanger. Stable expression of a CLCN4 cDNA enhanced motility, whereas cells knocked down or null for this transcript showed reduced migration/invasion. CLCN4-overexpressing RKO colon cancer cells were more resistant than controls to proton load-induced cytotoxicity, consistent with the H(+)-extruding function of this antiporter. Intra-splenic delivery of RKO-CLCN4 transfectants, but not controls, yielded liver metastases, and transcript levels were higher in colon cancer metastases to the liver when compared with primary tumours.CLCN4 is a novel driver of colon cancer progression.