PubMed 11352930

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Title: Human myoblast fusion requires expression of functional inward rectifier Kir2.1 channels.

Authors: J Fischer-Lougheed, J H Liu, E Espinos, D Mordasini, C R Bader, D Belin, L Bernheim

Journal, date & volume: J. Cell Biol., 2001 May 14 , 153, 677-86

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Myoblast fusion is essential to skeletal muscle development and repair. We have demonstrated previously that human myoblasts hyperpolarize, before fusion, through the sequential expression of two K+ channels: an ether-à-go-go and an inward rectifier. This hyperpolarization is a prerequisite for fusion, as it sets the resting membrane potential in a range at which Ca2+ can enter myoblasts and thereby trigger fusion via a window current through alpha1H T channels.