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Title: No involvement of the calcium channel gene (CACNA1A) in a family with cluster headache.

Authors: J Haan, J A van Vliet, E E Kors, G M Terwindt, F L Vermeulen, A M van den Maagdenberg, R R Frants, M D Ferrari

Journal, date & volume: Cephalalgia, 2001 Dec , 21, 959-62

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It is very likely that genetic factors play a role in the pathophysiology of cluster headache (CH). As CH shares its paroxysmal character with migraine, and migraine has been described in coexistence with CH in some families, we hypothesized that both diseases might share a genetic aetiology. In this study, we tested whether the migraine CACNA1A gene on chromosome 19 is involved in CH in an extended pedigree. Haplotype analysis did not reveal an obvious disease haplotype, and SSCP analysis of all 47 exons of the CACNA1A gene did not reveal a causative mutation. CH in this family is not caused by mutations in the CACNA1A gene.