PubMed 17664348

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Automatically associated channels: ClvC1 , ClvC4

Title: Cytoplasmic ATP inhibition of CLC-1 is enhanced by low pH.

Authors: Pang-Yen Tseng, Brett Bennetts, Tsung-Yu Chen

Journal, date & volume: J. Gen. Physiol., 2007 Aug , 130, 217-21

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The CLC-1 Cl(-) channel is abundantly expressed on the plasma membrane of muscle cells, and the membrane potential of muscle cells is largely controlled by the activity of this Cl(-) channel. Previous studies showed that low intracellular pH increases the overall open probability of recombinant CLC-1 channels in various expression systems. Low intracellular pH, however, is known to inhibit the Cl(-) conductance on the native muscle membrane, contradicting the findings from the recombinant CLC-1 channels in expressed systems. Here we show that in the presence of physiological concentrations of ATP, reduction of the intracellular pH indeed inhibits the expressed CLC-1, mostly by decreasing the open probability of the common gate of the channel.