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Title: KCNJ11 E23K polymorphism and diabetes mellitus with adult onset in Czech patients.

Authors: P Cejková, P Novota, M Cerná, K Kolostová, D Nováková, P Kucera, J Novák, M Andel, P Weber, E Zdárský

Journal, date & volume: Folia Biol. (Praha), 2007 , 53, 173-5

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In this work, we studied the association of the E23K polymorphism of the Kir6.2 ATP-sensitive potassium channels in 212 Czech patients with diabetes mellitus who were diagnosed after the age of 35. Patients were classified into T1DM, LADA and T2DM groups based on C-peptide and GADA levels. Carriers of the predisposing Kir6.2 E23K K allele showed no increased risk of either type of diabetes mellitus development. On the other hand, we found a correlation between E23K SNP of the KCNJ11 gene and C-peptide levels, which may be considered a measure of pancreatic beta-cell activity, although this correlation was not statistically significant. In conclusion, we failed to confirm the Kir6.2 E23K as a genetic marker for T1DM, LADA and T2DM in the Central Bohemian population of the Czech Republic.