PubMed 17010606

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Title: Discovery and in vitro/in vivo studies of tetrazole derivatives as Kv1.5 blockers.

Authors: Shengde Wu, Andrew Fluxe, Jim Sheffer, John M Janusz, Benjamin E Blass, Ron White, Chris Jackson, Richard Hedges, Michael Murawsky, Bin Fang, Gina M Fadayel, Michelle Hare, Laurent Djandjighian

Journal, date & volume: Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett., 2006 Dec 15 , 16, 6213-8

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A novel class of tetrazole-derived Kv1.5 blockers is disclosed. In in vitro studies, several compounds had IC(50)s ranging from 180 to 550 nM. In vivo studies indicated that compounds 2f and 2j increased right atrial ERP about 40% without affecting ventricular ERP.