PubMed 17333247

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Automatically associated channels: Cav1.1 , Cav1.2

Title: Gating of the HypoPP-1 mutations: II. Effects of a calcium-channel agonist BayK 8644.

Authors: Alexey Kuzmenkin, Chao Hang, Elza Kuzmenkina, Karin Jurkat-Rott

Journal, date & volume: Pflugers Arch., 2007 Jul , 454, 605-14

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L-type calcium-channel mutations causing hypokalemic periodic paralysis type 1 (HypoPP-1) have pronounced "loss-of-function" features and stabilize the less-selective second open state O(2), as we demonstrated in the companion paper. Here, we compared the effects of the L-type calcium-channel activator (+/-)BayK 8644 (BayK) on the heterologously expressed wild-type (WT) calcium channel, rabbit Cav1.2 HypoPP-1 analogs, and two double mutants (R650H/R1362H, R650H/R1362G). Our goal was to elucidate (1) whether the "loss-of-function" in HypoPP-1 can be compensated by BayK application, (2) how the less-selective open state is affected by BayK in WT and HypoPP-1 mutants, as well as (3) to gain an insight into BayK mechanism of action. Ionic currents were examined by whole-cell patch-clamp and analyzed by the global-fitting procedure. Our results imply that (1) BayK promotes channel activation, but equalized the differences among the WT and mutants, thus attenuating HypoPP-related effects on activation and deactivation; (2) BayK binds to the first open state O(1), and then serves as a catalyst for O(2) formation; (3) binding of BayK is impaired in the HypoPP mutants, thus affecting the formation of the less-selective second open state; (4) BayK affects cooperativity between the single HypoPP-1 mutations at all stages of the channel gating; and (5) BayK favoring of O(2) lowers calcium-channel selectivity.