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Title: Functional characterization of cardiac progenitor cells and their derivatives in the embryonic heart post-chamber formation.

Authors: Nichole M McMullen, Feixiong Zhang, Adam Hotchkiss, Frederic Bretzner, Jennifer M Wilson, Hong Ma, Karim Wafa, Robert M Brownstone, Kishore B S Pasumarthi

Journal, date & volume: Dev. Dyn., 2009 Nov , 238, 2787-99

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There is scant information on the fate of cardiac progenitor cells (CPC) in the embryonic heart after chamber specification. Here we simultaneously tracked three lineage-specific markers (Nkx2.5, MLC2v, and ANF) and confirmed that CPCs with an Nkx2.5+MLC2v-ANF- phenotype are present in the embryonic (E) day 11.5 mouse ventricular myocardium. We demonstrated that these CPCs could give rise to working cardiomyocytes and conduction system cells. Using a two-photon imaging analysis, we found that the majority of CPCs are not capable of developing Ca2+ transients in response to beta-adrenergic receptor stimulation. In contrast, Nkx2.5+ cells expressing MLC2v but not ANF are capable of developing functional Ca2+ transients. We showed that Ca2+ transients could be invoked in Nkx2.5+MLC2v+ANF+ cells only upon inhibition of Gi, muscarinic receptors, or nitric oxide synthase (NOS) signaling pathways. Our data suggest that these inhibitory pathways may delay functional specification in a subset of developing ventricular cells.