PubMed 18070474

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Title: [T-lymphocyte voltage dependent K(+) channel is upregulated in patients with acute coronary syndrome]

Authors: Li-fen Guo, Cun-Tai Zhang, Jie Wu, Nian Liu, Li-ping Sun, Jun Liu, Jin Ma

Journal, date & volume: Zhonghua Xin Xue Guan Bing Za Zhi, 2007 Sep , 35, 818-21

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To determine current density of voltage-gated potassium channels and Kv1.3 express in T-lymphocyte derived from patients with acute coronary syndrome (ACS).Peripheral blood mononuclear cells were collected from 12 patients with ACS and 10 control donors. Whole-cell patch clamp technique was used to record the outward K(+) currents (IK) and western blots technique was used to detect the express of Kv1.3 protein in lymphocyte.(1) The current density of voltage-gated potassium channel was significantly higher in ACS patients [(269 +/- 94) pA/pF] than in controls [(191 +/- 64) pA/pF, P < 0.01] while membrane capacitance was similar between the two groups. (2) Kv1.3 protein expression was also significantly increased in ACS patients than in controls (P < 0.01).The lymphocyte voltage-gated potassium channel is upregulated in patients with ACS suggesting a role of Kv activation in the pathophysiology of ACS.