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Title: Age-related spatial and nonspatial short-term memory in Cav2.1alpha1 mutant mice, Rolling Nagoya.

Authors: Eiki Takahashi, Kimie Niimi, Chitoshi Itakura

Journal, date & volume: Behav. Brain Res., 2009 Dec 1 , 204, 241-5

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Aged heterozygous Rolling Nagoya mice carrying Cav2.1alpha1 mutation show deficits with regard to spatial short-term memory using hippocampus-related object location test, but not with regard to nonspatial memory using perirhinal cortex-related object recognition test. In hippocampus, wild-type Cav2.1alpha1 mRNA exhibited lower expression and mutant-type expression was higher in aged heterozygous mice. In perirhinal cortex, there were no significantly different expressions. Alteration of age-dependent expressions of Cav2.1 channels differs in different regions with related effects on behavioral performances.