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Title: Microinjection in a microfluidic format using flexible and compliant channels and electroosmotic dosage control.

Authors: Arash Noori, P Ravi Selvaganapathy, Joanna Wilson

Journal, date & volume: Lab Chip, 2009 Nov 21 , 9, 3202-11

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We present a novel PDMS-based microinjection system in a microfluidic format with precise electroosmotic dosage control. The device architecture is fully scalable and enables high-throughput microinjections with integrated pre- and post-processing operations. The injection mechanism greatly simplifies current methods as only a single degree of freedom is required for injections. The injections are performed inside a fully enclosed channel by an integrated microneedle. Actuation of the needle is achieved by the compliant deformation of the channel structure by an external actuator. Reagent transport is achieved using electroosmotic flow (EOF) which provides non-pulsating flow and precise electrical dosage control. The potentials used for injections were between 5 V-25 V. The electrical properties and flow rates for the device were characterized for Zebrafish embryos and Rhodamine B and Methylene blue in pH 10 buffer solution. We also propose a method to enable precise individual dosing of embryos using direct electrical feedback. Additionally, we show that electrical feedback can be used to verify the location of the needle inside the injection target. A preliminary viability study of our device was conducted using Zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos. The study involved the injection of ultrapure water into the embryos in an E3 buffer, and resulted in embryos that showed normal development at 48 hours.