PubMed 17397809

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Automatically associated channels: Kv1.1 , Kv1.2 , Kv1.3 , Kv1.4 , Kv1.5 , Kv1.6

Title: Seizure activity affects neuroglial Kv1 channel immunoreactivities in the gerbil hippocampus.

Authors: Duk-Soo Kim, Ji-Eun Kim, Sung-Eun Kwak, Moo Ho Won, Tae-Cheon Kang

Journal, date & volume: Brain Res., 2007 Jun 2 , 1151, 172-87

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In order to confirm the species-specific distribution of voltage-gated K(+) (Kv) channels and the definitive relationship between their immunoreactivities and seizure activity, we investigated Kv1 channel immunoreactivities in the hippocampus of seizure resistant (SR) and seizure sensitive (SS) gerbils. There was distinct difference of the Kv1 channel subtypes immunoreactivity in the hippocampi in both SR and SS gerbils. Kv1.1, Kv1.2, Kv1.3, Kv1.4, and Kv1.6 immunoreactivities in the SS gerbil hippocampus were lower than that in the SR gerbil hippocampus. However, Kv1 immunoreactivities were obviously presented in astrocyte within the stratum radiatum of the CA1 region of pre-seizure SS gerbil hippocampus. Following seizure-onset, Kv1 immunoreactivities (except Kv1.5) were markedly elevated, whereas their immunoreactivites in astrocytes were down-regulated. Therefore, the present study demonstrates that seizure activity may distinctly affect neuroglial Kv1 immunoreactivities in the gerbil hippocampus.