A family of gamma-like calcium channel subunits.

Authors: N Klugbauer, S Dai, V Specht, L Lacinova, E Marais, G Bohn, F Hofmann

Journal, date & volume: FEBS Lett., 2000 Mar 24 , 470, 189-97

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Channelpedia reference in: cacng2 , cacng3 , cacng5 , cacng7

The gamma subunit was initially identified as an auxiliary subunit of the skeletal muscle calcium channel complex. Evidence for the existence of further gamma subunits arose following the characterization of a genetic defect that induces epileptic seizures in stargazer mice. We present here the first account of a family of at least five putative gamma subunits that are predominantly expressed in brain. The gamma-2 and gamma-4 subunits shift the steady-state inactivation curve to more hyperpolarized potentials upon coexpression with the P/Q type alpha(1A) subunit. The coexpression of the gamma-5 subunit accelerates the time course of current activation and inactivation of the alpha(1G) T-type calcium channel.