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Title: Mitochondrial big conductance KCa channel and cardioprotection in infant rabbit heart.

Authors: Yang Shi, Ming Tao Jiang, Jidong Su, William Hutchins, Eugene Konorev, John E Baker

Journal, date & volume: J. Cardiovasc. Pharmacol., 2007 Nov , 50, 497-502

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Chronic hypoxia increases resistance to myocardial ischemia in infants. Activation of the mitochondrial big conductance Ca(2+) -sensitive K channel (mitoBKCa) has been shown to be protective in adult hearts; however, its role in infant hearts is unknown. Hearts from normoxic or hypoxic infant rabbits were perfused with a mitoKCa opener, NS1619, or blocker Paxilline before ischemia and reperfusion. Hypoxic hearts were more resistant to ischemia than normoxic hearts as manifested by a reduction in infarct size (9 +/- 5% versus 14 +/- 5%) and an increase in recovery of left ventricular developed pressure (LVDP) (69 +/- 7% versus 51 +/- 2%). NS1619 decreased infarct size in normoxic hearts from 14 +/- 5% to 10 +/- 5% and increased recovery of LVDP from 51 +/- 2% to 65 +/- 4%, but it had no effect on hypoxic hearts. Paxilline did not affect normoxic or hypoxic hearts. Activation of mitoBKCa protects normoxic infant rabbit hearts; however, cardioprotection by chronic hypoxia in infant rabbits does not appear involve mitoBKCa.