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Localization of A-type K+ channel subunit Kv4.2 in rat brain.

M L Tsaur, Y L Wu, F L Huang, Y H Shih

, 2001 Sep 30 , 44, 133-42

Kv4.2, a voltage-gated K+ (Kv) channel subunit, has been suggested to be the key component of the subthreshold A-type K+ currents (I(SA)s) recorded from the specific subcellular compartments of certain CNS neurons. To correlate Kv4.2 localization with the I(SA)s detected, immunohistochemistry will be useful. Although the Kv4.2 immunostaining pattern in the hippocampus and cerebellum has been reported, the Kv4.2 antibody used was not specific. Furthermore, Kv4.2 localization in other brain regions remains unclear. In this report, we first demonstrated the specificity of a new Kv4.2 antibody, and then used it to examine Kv4.2 localization throughout adult rat brain by immunohistochemistry. At the cellular level, Kv4.2 was found in neurons but not glias. At the subcellular level, Kv4.2 was localized in the somatodendritic compartment of most neurons examined. Nevertheless, our preliminary data indicated that Kv4.2 might be also present in the axon/terminal compartment. At the functional level, our data indicates that Kv4.2 localization and I(SA) correlate quite well in some CNS neurons, supporting that Kv4.2 is the key component of some I(SA)s recorded in vivo.